Monday, November 26, 2012

Big feet and copycats

Here's an example of the difference in maturity and (one hopes) thoughtfulness between adults and kids. 

And yes, it has to do with feet.  Big ones.

Imagine you're an adult, a slender and short one, maybe 5'4" and 140lbs.  You're a stealer, a thief, a nicker of other people's stuff.  And you loooove breaking into cars.  One summer night as you're casing joints and sussing out stealing sites, you come across a truck and you gain access via your usual sophisticated method: the window and a rock.

You reach inside and help yourself to a few items, maybe some CDs, a phone charger, a jacket . . . and then your hands settle upon a pair of shoes.  To be more precise, a pair of size fifteen sneakers.  Yes, I said size fifteen.

Now, as a diminutive chap, two thoughts will likely go through your head:

1.  "What the hell do I want with a pair of size fifteen sneakers?"  (Granted, if you come from a family of clowns, this thought will not occur.)

2.  "Wow, these shoes are big, I hope their owner isn't standing behind me.  Maybe I should leave them and run away."

The second thought, I can assure you, did not occur to the young man in question. I know that because the victim of the theft reported his shoes stolen. 

I suspect the first thought did, once he got home, and in my mind that would have been an amusing moment to witness.

And a nod to a copycat, the good people at who have realized what I've known all along: a crime blog is fun. Actually, I expect good things from them, I do like their work.

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