Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Am I "big-nosed and mushy?" See for yourself!

I've started watching this new show, The Following, with Kevin Bacon. It's about a serial killer (of course!) who uses literature as his guide and to lure followers to do his bidding. Edgar Allan Poe is his inspiration, no less. Cool idea.

Anyway, last night there was a scene where the bad guy, a writer, encounters an attractive older woman who was surprised at his looks. She says something like, "I thought all writers were big-nosed and mushy." It's James Purefoy, just so you know, a handsome devil if ever I saw one.

My first thought was, "Hey, lady, we're not all--" and then I thought, "Well, my sister used to call me 'big nose' and I'm way mushier than I used to be..."

But now you can answer that question yourself because I just had my first live TV interview, about AS SHE LAY SLEEPING.

It was a strange experience and I'm not sure I was at my best: no make-up, no warning what the questions would be, no meditation session beforehand. And yes, a couple of nerves; two, maybe three. Oh, I should add that I spent some time in the Green Room while waiting, a room painted white and red for some reason and no M&Ms or bottled water in sight. Maybe they break those out for the fancy guests.

Right, the interview. It was fun, and quick. Rather like. . . oh, never mind.   (You've probably never arm-wrestled a gorilla.)

Here it is:


  1. Yay Mark! You're like, a super-star now! ;)

    I'm finally making time to read The Bookseller, btw. Very much enjoying it. ^_^

    Also, how do I not have you on Twitter? o_O Remedying immediately.


  2. Hi Lia! Glad you're liking The Bookseller - and now you're following me on Twitter, do I have to find witty/intelligent things to say?!


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