Thursday, May 25, 2023

Making a comeback!

I've been thinking about resurrecting the blog for a while now, I used to enjoy sharing my thoughts and experiences as a prosecutor and getting feedback from folks. So I'm back.

For those who don't know me outside of the blog, well, I'm now a criminal defense attorney - a partner with the fabulous law firm of Cofer & Connelly. I'll write a post about why I made the change in a week or two, but I wanted this first one to be a brief catch-up.

So, what else is new with me? After all it's been almost seven years since I last posted here!

  • Big job change, obvs.
  • I'm seven years older, which means a new author photo was needed. Obvs.

    • The second in the series is out in August but pre-orderable now:
  • I have a son who's now stronger and faster than me. We've gone from this:

  • To this:

  • I have a writing companion:


OK, those are the highlights. I don't think anything else important happened in the world between 2016 and now, or did I miss something?!

Didn't think so.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts, to include:
  • Why I Made the Change
    • speaks for itself
  • Who My Most Famous Client Is, And Why I Can't Tell You
    • Google it, maybe?
  • When It's Just A Slap
    • about how differing jurisdictions... differ
  • When Good People Do Bad Things
    • speaks for itself
... and many many more to come!

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