Thursday, April 7, 2011

This is why I've been quiet...

Sorry for the lack of posts, but this week and next I'm neck deep getting ready for the trial of this case. I'm guessing the paper will cover it so if you have time, follow along.

And I'll be back to posting after the trial.


  1. That would explain why you have been silent with respect to the Joseph Rakofsky controversy. Many criminal defense lawyers, including this one, have weighed in with their views. But it would be interesting to get a prosecutor's perspective. I would imagine you don't like to see this type of thing happen any more than the rest of us. Even apart from basic fairness considerations, it means that the case will be coming back at you on ineffective assistance of counsel grounds.

    Good luck with the trial.

  2. Wow, lol, I am so impressed! I did not know that prosecutors could write blogs about being prosecutors. This is very cool.

    DA Confidential, I just left my job as a prosecutor to pursue my side business as my main business. I didn't know you could be blog about being a prosecutor, so instead I blogged about ... well ... dating, relationships, sex, communication, connection ... and it turned into a whole new thing ...

    It would be awesome to connect with you :)

  3. Jamison: not that I comment on current topics much anyway. ;) But I have read about that controversy, pretty.... interesting.

    Erika: good luck with the new business, always glad to hear from readers, so drop me an email if you like:


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