Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tweet tweet

During my recent trial a lot of people unable to come to court followed it minute-by-minute thanks to twitter updates from our local ace reporter Steven Kreytak. In fact, when Steven took off for a couple of days at the end of the trial I thought several of my friends were going to storm the offices of the Statesman.

It got me thinking about my own use, or lack of it, of Twitter. My issue with it, as with blogging, is that I simply can't relay the juicy details of my ongoing cases. That's the main reason I signed up with Twitter but never used it. And I still can't decide whether people will care what I'm doing and when.

That said, I want to give it a whirl. If the point of this blog is to bring people closer to what we are doing in the criminal justice system, then maybe there's a narrow path I can follow, one that observes all the strictures I work under for the blog, but that gives more immediate glimpses into our daily machinations.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Maybe I'll use it to make fun of defense attorneys. . . .

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