Friday, May 27, 2011

A Potty by the Sea

My sister visited from England once, to my old house in Dallas. She couldn't get over the size of our walk-in closet because it was the same size as the bedroom for her son. Thing is, that tells you more about house sizes in the UK than the size of the closet which, actually, was smaller than the one we have now.


What that leaves you with over the pond is a lot of very small houses selling for a lot of money. And it leaves you with people paying a crap-load (pun intended, as you'll see) for rather odd abodes. For example, a public toilet. Granted, the view is rather nice (if you like matching gray seas and skies) but the going price was about 50,000 pounds for... well, have a look for yourself. And see how much the chappie paid.

Have a super weekend.


  1. Well, at least they own ocean front property.

  2. Hello - I've enjoyed reading your blog and I have a question that I realize has nothing to do with this post. I've been following the trial of the NYPD officers accused of rape ( pretty closely, and I understand the woman has filed a lawsuit against the city, which is something they used against her during the trial in trying to portray her as a gold digger. It seems like pretty poor timing to me, so I'm wondering, why would she file the civil suit before the criminal trial? Is there a statute of limitations issue? Or was it just poor judgment? I'd be interested to hear your take on this. Thanks.

  3. Ken: one could say that have both a wonderful and a crappy view. :)

    Eddie: sounds pretty interesting. I saw the result of the criminal trial but I'd not heard about the civil suit. I try not to comment too much on ongoing suits, I'm generally controversy avoidant because of my job, but I'll take a peek at the news story and if there's anything I can say.

  4. I recently came back from Peru last week and spent a month living with my aunt and cousins. Ill have to say the homes and apartments in Lima are smaller than the average size I have seen here in Austin. Saying that, my family was very content with their small home because it was enough for them. I compared the home I live in here in Austin and showed my family my home over skype. They thought I lived in a mansion and asked why my house was so big. I did not know what to point is I guess some people dont need to go to the extreme to measure their happiness. :)


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