Friday, February 3, 2012

It may not say what you think it says

I was driving home today and saw this license plate on an SUV:


I'm assuming it means "day tripper" but as a prosecutor, and one who's just finished three sex assault trials, I see something rather different. . .


  1. ugh. not a very well thought out plate.

    1. As a child of the 60s, I was horrified when a much younger friend read my retro T-Bird Beach Boys license plate FNFNFUN as EFN-EFN-FUN.


  2. David, not well thought out at all.
    KAWAM, that's a neat plate, I wouldn't have polluted it the way your young friend did either.

  3. DAC,

    I'm fairly sure that the time-honored principle of "innocent until proven guilty," applied to the license plate context, means that we must presume that your driver is a "daytripper" until he is shown to be a "date raper."


    - One of your defense attorney readers


  4. I just spit out my coffee.

    OH MAN. It's so not funny, but... that's kind of what makes it funny. *so ashamed right now that I laughed*

  5. Jen, I know. I was driving so imagine MY reaction - spilled my coffee, burned myself with my cigar, and dropped my iPhone. Managed to hold onto the BigMac, though...

  6. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in the middle: D.A. Tripper. So, if you are in court and see this vehicle parked outside, watch where you step.

  7. Nigel, tripping DA's would be one bizarre fetish...!


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