Sunday, April 1, 2012

I've loved you for a thousand years...

... no, nothing, it's just I can't get that song out of my head. Hopefully if I put it in yours, I'll be free. If you don't know the song, well, I dare you to click here.

So I had my second ride-along last week, and had some pretty funny moments I thought I'd share.

The first was when my officer was talking earnestly to a couple of people by the side of the road. Just for giggles I thought I'd freak him out a little, so while his back was turned I put the car in reverse and then eased away from him, about 30 yards. When he saw where his car was he did a triple take and came sprinting over, all arms and legs.  But he looked mighty relieved when his donut was still atop his in-car computer and he even managed to smile a little. But he did tell me to take the hand-brake off next time I move his car.

Which I did about an hour later. He was talking to a drunk fellow who kept staggering away from the police car so I did the opposite of the first: I drove it up real close behind him and then hit the button for the siren. You should have seen the pair of them jump!  Hilarious.

And back at the office, a couple of developments.  One initiative coming out of juvie court relates to bullying and inappropriate behavior between kids.  One day a week for the fall semester, all kids in Austin schools will dress as the opposite gender.  Boys will have to wear skirts or dresses, girls will have to wear "masculine" trousers and shirts.  Even shoes.   At recess, boys will play organized hop-scotch and the girls flag football.   The idea is to have each gender get a better understanding of what it's like to be on the 'other' side.

The best news is that there's a surplus in the county budget so in order to use it up (something about needing to use it up or the federal govt won't give us certain grants again) they're telling us prosecutors we can leave our cars at home and the county will send taxis to take us to work every morning.  pretty cool, eh?  And good for the environment because they're using a fleet of electric cars.  I wonder if we have to tip the drivers every morning?  That could get expensive.

Finally, and back to schools, what do you get when you mix education and electricity? Yes, tasers in schools!  Apparently it's part motivational but once a month at Austin schools, certain kids not deemed to be trying hard enough academically will be given the opportunity to volunteer to be tased in front of their class mates.  In exchange, their grades are all moved up one letter.  Sounded weird to me at first, but I can see how other kids might be motivated by it.  And it's kind of a second chance for the kid being tased - he gets his grades restored a little.

And, in case it got by you, happy April Fool's Day.


  1. Ha, ha, ha. Nice try. And clever. But not even close. Not even for a moment. Well, a moment maybe but not a long one.

  2. Hi Mark,
    I read all your educating and entertaining posts. Thanks a lot for sharing. I really like the sense of humor as well. Looking forward to more posts.

  3. Haaaaaa! You're funneeeee!

    Would be kind of awesome to see boys playing hopscotch in dresses, though.

  4. I can never get that damn song out of my head. I do like it now which bothers me because the lyrics make no sense. This is a hilarious post . . . you think you'll be able to ride along ever again?


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