Monday, April 30, 2012

Ride-Along Round-Up

I just finished another ride-along with APD and thought I'd present some stats.  Bear in mind I ride in Charlie Sector, which encompasses some of the traditionally roughest parts of Austin.   A couple of them (arrests, lights-and-sirens, and donuts, for example) may surprise you:

  • Total # of ride-alongs: Six
  • Total # of lights-and-sirens moments: Seven
  • Total # of arrests: One
  • Total # of cars pulled over for traffic offenses: One
  • Total # of times my officer has drawn his weapon: Zero
  • Total # of mother-child disputes refereed: Four
  • Total # of  dogs shot in my presence: Zero
  • Total # of puppies rescued: One
  • Total # of  people who've flipped us the bird as we drive past: One
  • Officer with the coolest name:  Steven Constable
  • Funniest moment: an officer (who shall remain nameless) who's slender and about five foot six reviewing the information of a man we were looking for: six foot four and 280lbs.  "What am I gonna do, bite his ankles?"
  • Total # of donuts consumed by me or in my presence: Zero

So yes, according to my miniscule and selective sample, in Austin, Texas, you are more likely to have your puppy rescued than be arrested, and donut shops clearly don't discount their products to law enforcement enough.


  1. I'm new to the blog and have been reading your posts in backwards-chronological order (newest first). I find it interesting that you, a prosecutor, ride with the APD on what seems to be a weekly basis. Is this commonly done there?

  2. Daisy, welcome! We have a program right now where each sector of Austin has an ADA riding out. I think I do it more often than most because I enjoy it and feel like I and the officers get something out of it. More fun than riding behind a desk, for sure!


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