Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My big, BIG day!!

Today sees the release of The Bookseller

A novel that grew roots in a cafe in Paris and then took me six months to write.  A novel that took me another three months to successfully pitch to an agent.  A novel that was on submission to publishers for just over a year.

Twenty-three rejections from agents, a dozen more from publishers, years + months of work and frustration and. . . I loved every minute of it.

Why?  Because now it's on the shelves of book stores all over America (also, it is available in all e-book formats, in case you're wondering), and that includes the impressive, always busy, incredibly supportive BookPeople right here in Austin.  I walked into the store last night for another author's signing and look what I saw - my kids were so excited they ran over even before I did:

Look above mine, the name Michael Robotham mean anything?  It should.  Stellar writer, mega bestseller, and last night after his signing we had a beer together.

Oh yes, I'm name dropping.  Want another one?  How about Bill Landay, the author of NYT besteller Defending Jacob, which is one of crime fiction's smash hits of 2012.  And rightly so.  We met at a writing conference I went to this past weekend and here we are enjoying a Macallan 12 together.

And for sheer coolness, at the same event, I also shared a pizza with David Rich, first-time novelist but script writer for McGyver, for heaven's sake.  I know, we shared a dang pizza!

Also, I like this picture, below.  It's me and a friend, Jamie Mason, holding up our new books at a signing table.  Please note the long line of people waiting for our autographs who obscure the photo.  Okay, fine, so our books weren't out in time to sell at last weekend's conference.  But people did come by and say hello, and we managed to give them cards and large, goofy grins.

But back to now.  This is the only night of the week I'm not doing something related to my book launch.  Instead, I'm taking Henry (aka mini-Me, as you can see from the pic below) to his soccer practice.

I'm glad, too, because this week has been about the book, the launch, and I'm looking forward to sitting in a chair next to my friend Andy, watching the kids play the beautiful game for an hour.  It'll be sunny and I'll have no place else to be and nothing demanding my attention for those sixty minutes.

And the thing is, I'm having so much fun right now that when that peaceful moment is up, I'll be back at it, planning, emailing, worrying, enjoying.  Mostly enjoying.

Okay, so in case you are new to the blog and want to learn more about the book, let me provide some links.
Tomorrow my mum flies in for the launch, we're expecting between sixty and eighty people to show up.  If you happen to be in or near Austin, please come by because the more the merrier.

Oh, and Happy Release Day to me!!


  1. Congratulations! It's a fantastic book. Enjoy the week!

  2. Congrats! I've already purchased your book! I hope it is a smashing success. It was lovely to meet you at Bouchercon! Happy release day!

  3. Huge congrats, Mark! Wishing you amazing success with your books.

  4. Thanks everyone. Jenn, you helped it become a good book, you know that right? :)
    Lisa, it was a pleasure meeting you, and I hope YOUR book is a massive hit, too. I suspect it will be...
    PD, thanks my friend, and may your journey to publication be as rewarding.
    Jenny, I have this awesome photo of you from this past weekend, but I can't post it. Why? Because I'm in it, next to beautiful you, looking like a tired, sauced-up, drug-using heffalump. And I was only two of those things...

    1. Aw, you're so silly! :) It was great to finally meet you and hang out. At least I got a pic of us. Looking forward to seeing you at many more of these writerly things!

  5. I'd say Bill & David were the lucky ones. It's a mighty fine time having drinks with you. Had a blast listening to your stories. I've ordered your book. Maybe some day I'll even get it signed. Happiest of launch days, Mark! May your book be hugely successful! Now, where did I put that tiny bookmark?


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