Monday, July 3, 2023

Jail v. Prison - writers, producers, and anyone else who uses words, please take note.

Here's a short post to address an issue (pet peeve?!) that I feel like I've discussed before. Somehow, shockingly, the entire world hasn't read and absorbed. 

I constantly see the terms "jail" and "prison" used interchangeably. In books, TV shows, and in general conversation.

But they are different.

You don't want to be in jail, but you definitely don't want to be in prison.

JAIL : this is where you go for short periods of time, either after being arrested or as punishment for a misdemeanor crime. Jails are usually run by the county, operated by the sheriff's department. 

There are exceptions, sure, some people spend years in jail waiting for trial or other case resolution, but generally speaking jail is for short-term incarceration.

PRISON : this is where you go after you've been convicted of a crime. These are state-run facilities and generally less pleasant places than your county jail.

Try to avoid prison, if you can.

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