Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 2010!! Now for some predictions....

Happy New Year!!

I thought I would kick off the new decade with some predictions, and feel free to hold me to them.

1. I will not lose a jury trial in 2010.
2. Kinky Friedman will not become Governor, Lt. Gov., or the D.A. for Williamson County.
3. I will refuse to participate in a single jury trial in order to satisfy prediction #1.
4. I will move into an office with a window. Seriously, that's a big deal because only 50 percent of offices have them.
5. Some smartass will point out that prediction #4 was satisfied a week before I made this list.
6. I will give up beer, wine, and martinis.
7. I will fail to delete this blog entry in time after the body of some smartass is dragged from Lake Travis.
8. I will be questioned by detectives who catch me attempting to flush my laptop down the toilet. They will stand there and mock me.
9. I will take up beer, wine, and martinis, and possibly invent the beweenie (which, unsurprisingly, will be a blend of ale, merlot, and gin).
10. I will be distracted by one of my kids setting fire to the dog and not fini


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