Monday, June 14, 2010

I'd like some cream with my humble pie, please.

One mistake. One wee error and a human being is lambasted by 50 million people.

For those who missed it, or the sadists who want to see it again, here's Rob Green's goof:

Now, I predicted an England win and I was wrong. But it's not about me, oh no. It's about the headlines crucifying poor Rob Green back home. "Hand of Clod" was the winner. I liked “God Save our Green” because he's the keeper for my Premier League team West Ham Utd. Another one I liked was “Green Fingers – One Disastrous Spill the Yanks Won’t Complain About”. (Too soon?)

But after crying in my Newcastle Brown Ale for an hour, I remembered that it's just a game. No one will die or even get chicken pox as a result of his error. I mean, think about if I make a huge blunder: maybe an innocent man goes to jail, maybe a guilty one goes free.

Same for a defense attorney who makes a mistake - so easy to do your client a disservice, the responsibility is huge. A policeman, a fireman, either can ruin someone's life if they goof up. Globally speaking, the trash man dumping the recycling by mistake is more harmful than spilling a soccer ball into your own goal.

At least, that's what I'm telling myself.

So what happens next? I predict that England wins its group games, the US wins its group games and whoever has more goals (minus goals conceded) goes through to face Ghana. Originally I thought it would be Australia (who are playing right now without a striker - the first time in history so many Aussies have been together without being highly offensive). But the Germans have put paid to their hopes. And don't get me started on the Germans....

What does all this have to do with criminal law? Well, if England don't qualify, either first or second, I will wear a dress to court. *

* Idle threat that may be retracted at any time unless consideration provided by American prosecutor in the form of him wearing a pretty little frock should the US not qualify. A male American prosecutor. Or defense lawyer. Male defense lawyer.


  1. i thought it was absolutely, positively, BEAUTIFUL, seeing that ball appear to slip right through his little fingers. :)

    have you ever been to a game, basketball, american football, whatever, where at the end the fans start chanting, 'o-ver raaaaa-ted, o-ver raaaa-ted'. sorry, couldn't resist.

  2. Great headline on the New York Post: "USA Wins 1-1!"

  3. Apparently Robert Green is a direct descendant of John Burgoyne.

  4. You notice Green didn't play in yesterdays game?


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