Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The mid-trial flops

I've not tried a case all year and I'd forgotten how tiring it is. We're most of the way through the State's case, a couple more witnesses tomorrow. And I'm second chair, which means all of the stress and most of the work is being carried by my first chair and court chief, commonly known as EDLF (see Monday's post and figure out why).

The thing is, every moment you have to be paying attention because even when you think you know what a witness is going to say, might say, you have to be prepared that he will say something else. And that happens . . . a lot. People are unpredictable and fallible, as are memories. So, what they think they saw back when the alleged crime occurred may not be quite the same as what they now think they remember seeing.

Which is why I like video evidence.

But I will say one thing, and I think I've said it before: trying a case with professional, respectful, and talented lawyers on the other side make a trial so much easier. The guys on the other side of this one qualify, thank heavens.

I'll check in when I get to the far side of this trial, and maybe even ask them for their opinion and a guest blog. They're very eloquent, so I'm sure they can write pretty well, too.

And now I shall go relax, maybe watch some World Cup. That's a lot less stressful now that my dear Three Lions of England went out of the tournament with a whimper. . . .

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