Monday, September 20, 2010

Story time: the bank teller's surprise

So I'm always loathe to talk specifically about my cases, careful maybe, but some just beg to appear on the blog. So, in the same way I tell my family about what goes on I plan to share stories with you. Thing is, you're going to get them the way I explain them to my family. And by "family," I mean my kids. This means I'll be leaving out analysis, legal discussion and, well, facts.

But you should still enjoy them.

"So, guess what kids?"
Putting down crayons and beaming. "You brought us presents?"
"No, just a story."
"From work?"
Picking up crayons. "Will it be more interesting than the last one?"
"Oh. I hope so."
Muttering. "So do we."
"So there's this man--"
"A bad guy?"
"No, more of a . . . silly guy. Anyway, he goes to the bank, the drive-through."
"Like where you put money in the sucking tube?"
"Exactly! Anyway, he puts his money in the sucking tube and away it goes, up the pipe and into the bank. And the man behind the window takes his money out of the tube like he's supposed to. But tucked inside the money is a little bag."
"Like a grocery bag?"
"No, even smaller. Like a sandwich bag you take to school. But inside isn't a sandwich, it's some of that nasty powder that I told you about, that makes people act silly and hurts their brains."
"Why did he do that?"
"I don't know. Maybe his brain was hurting."
"Did you put him in jail?"
"No. We're trying to fix his brain instead, make it all better and make it so he doesn't use that stuff any more."
"That was silly of him."
"Yes, it was."
"So next time," thoughtful looks, "will he send a sandwich through like he meant to?"

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