Thursday, September 2, 2010

The lawyer / client disconnect

We bloggers are a light-fingered bunch, but I had to steal it and put it here because, well, it's funny AND true. It's a diagram of what lawyers put in their biographies and what clients actually look for in a lawyer.

It comes courtesy of Matt Homann of the [non]billable hour, via fellow blawgger Jamison Koehler.

Enjoy while I devise my own.


  1. Regarding the "are you an asshole" question: Some hope you aren't....some hope you are.

    It has oft been observed that pets and their owners begin to resemble each other, and I've observed much the same phenomenon with certain lawyers, particularly in family law. Perhaps you've seen it in your career as a prosecutor. Sometimes I can tell that someone is a jerk just by knowing what lawyer he's retained.

    Do you get those cases where you "see them coming?"

  2. Sometimes quite the opposite. I can actually have sympathy for a defendant if I know his lawyer is not effective, or ineffective because of the way he behaves. Because we don't interact with the defendants, as you know, it doesn't behoove me to make character assumptions like that. I know what you mean, but I try not to let those few obnoxious lawyers rub off on their clients!


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