Thursday, October 21, 2010

My turn for an intern: Jordan the Brit.

We have a very active intern program here, welcoming law students in their first year, as well as those who have graduated and are waiting for their bar results. Some might say we ruthlessly exploit young people who are desperate for work experience in order to work them to the bone for absolutely no money whatsoever.

Those people are astute.

This Friday I want to give a nod to the finest intern I've ever had. Probably because he's English, which isn't necessarily his fault. Seriously, though, it's nice to take a young man whose not seen this part of the world and expose him to everything that is Texas.

For example:

He ate pancakes the size of his face . . .

. . . he fired a (1930's mobster) gun . . .

. . . he saw a young lady in Daisy Duke shorts (who was firing a gun) . . .

. . . and he got arrested.

I'm sure there are some Texas experiences he missed,* but heck, the boy was only here a week!

Thanks for coming, Jordan, it's been a pleasure!

*He also ate barbecue at Kreuz's, Mexican at Guero's, and a Danish from WholeFoods.

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