Thursday, October 13, 2011

Finally! Cold case show to air on 48 Hours

To interrupt one true crime story for another. The cold case I tried in April will (finally) air this Saturday at 10PM EST, 9PM local time, on CBS's 48 Hours show.

Here is a preview clip. And yes, that's me on the horse.


  1. I will definitely be watching this, Mark.


    Setting my DVR now. I do not want to miss this. I plan to point at the TV the whole time and announce I know you.

  3. Yes indeed, ma'am. And hush, YOU are the celebrity around here. :)

  4. Mr. Pryor,

    Nice work in bringing justice for the family. Congrats to you and all those who have worked over the years. Love your blog.

  5. Thanks, Autrey. Naturally, they left out a few things I'd love to have seen in there, but overall I am very pleased with the way the show turned out.

  6. Enjoyed the piece. Given the one hour show, I'm sure there was a lot that could not be included, but it seemed to be a pretty good summary. (I have also read about the case in the prosecutor magazine so I had some background)

    My question is, given the nature of the case, what was your initial reaction to getting a verdit after only 4 hours? Did you see it as a bad sign, good sign, or try not to think about it either way?

    Good job on the case.

  7. My initial reaction was surprise. On a moment's reflection, I thought that while an acquittal was far from out of the question, I just didn't think all twelve would be ready to acquit so fast. Which left one option...

  8. Did Dennis fail a lie detector as well? Who was Doug (the new bf)? Any chance he was Marty Odem's friend? Did Marty have an albi? I am not convinced the right guy is behind bars.
    Is there more to this story we have not heard?


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