Monday, October 10, 2011

The innards of this blog

It's been a while since I dissected this place and saw what slithered and crawled inside. You know, the gory stuff that makes D.A. Confidential tick: referring sites, weird key-word searches and the like.

(This will be from the last six months.)

And, without further ado:

Most common: Some variation of "What makes a good prosecutor?" Different ways of expressing this come up time and time again.
Most disturbing: (1) "Bribing the DA"; (2) "How to jump bail."
Oddest: "Navel gazing time."
Most searched-for prosecutor: Erika Sipiora (Notice it's not me. On my own blog. I come in fourth.)
Most search-for author: Alan Furst (closely followed by David Lindsey)

Most frequent has visited: 5,679 times (I'd say, "Thanks mum," but she's not that obsessive-compulsive. And my wife's too busy. Stalker? In six months, I'm thinking some kind of bot.)
2nd to fifth # of visits: 863 (Thanks mum!), 454, 327, 264.
Top five countries:
1. USA
2. UK
3. Canada
4. France (thanks mum!)
5. Philippines. (No, I'm not kidding. Very cool.)
Interesting countries: Yemen, Cambodia, Guernsey, Gibraltar, Belarus.

What makes a good prosecutor?
This is interesting because I wrote this post soon after I started the blog, in November of 2009. But in the last six months it has received 436 views.


  1. LOL, those search terms are hilarious! I got 5 hits once from "chilean burgers"... don't ask me why, my blog is about genetics!!!

  2. I can see the connection... suuure I can. :)

  3. Those are some interesting search terms!

    The most disturbing search term I had that led to my blog was "my mom's panties". Like, ewwwww. Please don't read my blog, whoever you are. I'm sure it won't have what is you're looking for.


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