Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jury trial - just ended. Me tired.

I just finished a jury trial, and I'm exhausted as usual. But a quick "Thank you" to the jurors who worked very hard on the case, and were kind enough to stay behind and talk to me. I always learn something when I talk to jurors and I was gob-smacked by how thoughtful and downright smart these people were.

Congrats, too, to attorney David Frank who obtained a not-guilty verdict for his client. I know David and his colleagues Matt and Ciara worked as hard on the case as we did.

We shall meet again, good sir.


  1. Very classy to admit defeat and to congratulate the other side.

  2. Jurors smart? I wish I lived in your state. Oh was that a little bit of bitterness? Sorry. Sometimes it slips out.

  3. Thanks Jamison. I don't lose too often (not that it's about that!) so props to a smart and successful defense. I sleep better at night knowing defense lawyers are working hard for their clients.

    Lisa, yes, I was very impressed by the way they analyzed the case. Although given the result, maybe I should borrow one of YOUR juries. ;)


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