Friday, March 9, 2012

Monkey (and whale) business

I think I need to monkey with the blog a little.  As you can see, I have my own domain now, like a grown up.  But I still like to play with colors and pictures, so please bear with me while I fine tune things here.

Maybe this weekend.  You see, the plan was to go camping but we have major storms rolling through and storms + tents = disaster.  So I think it'll be a writing weekend for me, which can include tinkering with my upcoming website and the blog.

In the meantime, I would like to discuss how some do-gooders saving the whale will impact my TV watching.  Seriously.  I'm all for whale-saving, absolutely.  Wonderful creatures.  And when I'm watching the show Whale Wars I totally root for the saboteurs (I checked, it's not a violation of my doing-justice oath.  For one thing, they're in international waters not Lake Travis, and second, as long as I don't, myself, disable a Japanese whaling boat, I'm okay).

But see, that is an awesome show, a highlight for me and my kids.  But now the saboteurs have gone and succeeded in chasing those nasty whalers off.  What are they going to do, have an entire episode where the anti-whaling crews go around high-fiving each other?  Maybe admiring the beauty of the Arctic Sea (where whales are now free to roam but how would you know cos you can't see them?).  For an hour?  I think not. 

Although we have discovered a show called Top Shot, which turns out to be as addictive.  People shooting at stuff, using shotguns, machine guns, and cannons.  How come no one ever thought of that before?  Bloody brilliant.

But back to the successful saboteurs, to whom congratulations are in order.

I suppose.

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