Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend round-up

I'm not up for repeating the stories you've seen, so here is some crime news from the weekend that you may have missed.

First up, the "please don't look in my swag bag, you'll see my sex toys" alibi. Doesn't work.

Second: if she was going to pretend to enjoy dancing for him, can't he pretend to pay? The Feds say not.

I don't suppose they will charge him with a crime despite his obvious guilt. Because he's a bear. On ice skates. My favorite line: "It is unclear what caused the bear to attack." Do you think maybe it was strapping ice skates on his paws and then shoving him onto a frozen pond? Maybe that combined with the fact that he's a bear?

Now, how about we do some crime prevention for a change? Here's everything you need to know to stay safe in a situation that's all too common these days. From our survival experts: how do disarm a chimpanzee.

This guy has figured out how to be a victim and a perp at the same time: someone pees on his shopfront, they get a shock. Literally.

Never seen this before: jury changes its mind, after the defense lawyer has the judge ask them if "not guilty" is really their verdict. Apparently it wasn't.

And, because this is a prosecutor's blog it's only right we finish the round-up with news of a conviction. A DWI conviction. For a guy driving a La-Z-Boy.

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