Saturday, October 31, 2009

Weekend round up

As usual, some of the crime-related news and some fun info you may have missed.

First, the guy who wielded a ferret as a weapon. I'm wondering this: if he knew it was a weapon, why the heck did he stuff it down his pants??

There's something called the Castle Doctrine, which grants homeowners considerable discretion in the protection of their homes and families. As with everything, people take it too far. Waaaaay too far.

Last week a wheelchair, this week a lawnmower. Result: the same. Jail.

And while it's no longer a crime to commit adultery, this fellow will hesitate before chasing another man's wife.

I seem to have become my court's arson specialist, I tried a case earlier in the year and have another one on the jury docket. I love working with the fire investigators, they are bright and easy going. The would be less easy-going, I suspect, if their bosses spent a million dollars on a fire truck before measuring the station house.

Drugs? Gangs? Or just plain fun? What DO those sneakers hanging from telephone wires mean? Trust the BBC to figure it out. Kinda.

To wrap up, a literary rather than criminal note. The Texas Book Festival was a raging success, and while I didn't make it this year I plan on attending next. With any luck as an author as opposed to a writer. Because anything else would be a crime.

Have a great week, and check back tomorrow for a different take on a courtroom sketch artist.

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