Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Before we get criminal...

I'm still unwrapping my mind, trying to get into work mode, but before I do I wanted to share this unrelated series of drawings/cartoons from a NYT artist/cartoonist who recently made an international trip. He documents his flight's stages in pictures, and they are wonderful.

By the way, word to anyone planning a trip: take time to leave an "I on vacation" message on your voicemail. I did, and had just two messages when I got back. TWO! And one of those was a hang-up!!

It didn't work so well for email, I had about a hundred waiting for me.

And a few files to read before the end of the week. (I wonder what's in the envelopes, I don't get many of those...):


  1. LOL I didn't need to follow the hyperlink, I had just finished viewing those images before visiting you here. I love the stuff Neimann does for the Times.

    Welcome back! I have a vexing case in your court that we're going to need to talk about. :-)

  2. Thanks Donald. Good to be back (kind of).

    Drop by any time and we'll de-vex your case.


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