Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In-court shenanigans

Did I spell that right?

Anyway, you know what I mean. So did you see about the Texas man who apparently slit his own throat after he was given 40 years? Wow.

Our own courtroom can be pretty interesting, fortunately I've never seen anything like that. On Monday we did have one defendant, charged with theft, who had a pretty busy pair of gums. It was my case, but one of my colleagues handled it while I was on vacation. And this week we have a visiting judge. So when he came out to discuss taking a plea or going to trial, he made a few unpleasant remarks about the switch in prosecutors and judge, as if we were taking turns to conspire against him.

It was actually pretty good-natured, I think his comments came from surprise at the apparent shift-change rather than anything else. But I do have to bite my own, ready-to-retort tongue at times. He may not have to maintain a professional attitude, but I do. That's the problem with being a grown-up, I guess.

Most of my time right now, though, is being taken up getting ready for a murder trial, the trial of this case. I hope to blog more about it afterwards, it's a very interesting (and exhausting) process.


  1. DAC: Are you going after capital murder or just murder on this trial? what was the thought process behind making that decision? You probably can't answer the latter question until after the trial.

    keep up the good work, with school starting up I haven't been able to comment but have been reading. liked your stuff from last week.

  2. No, this doesn't meet the criteria for capital murder because none of the aggravating factors are present (more than one victim, robbery etc). So in that sense the decision was made at the time of the incident.


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