Friday, December 17, 2010

The interesting bits

I haven't done a news round-up in a while, but I've seen some interesting bits and pieces around the globe that I wanted to share.

First, the man who got me interested in murder, criminals, and serial killers: Charlie Manson. Serving life in California, he now has to serve second sentence when he's done with the first: 30 days. His crime? Possession of a cell phone. Yes, even Charlie Manson has one these days.

Fed up with your tax money recycling inmates in and out of prison? Well, even the lock-'em-up conservatives are rethinking their approach, wanting to move from from "Tough on Crime" to "Right on Crime." Seems like it's worth a look.

And back to California, a sad story. The Los Angeles Police department has released scores of photos seized from the man charged in ten killings in a move designed to determine if there may be more victims of the man dubbed the “Grim Sleeper”. Police hope the photo display will lead to tips from the public. No comment from me, I just look forward to the day this gentleman has his hide nailed to a wall.

Talking of high numbers, this fellow has been arrested 127 times and (unsurprisingly) is mad at APD. Not our own, fine APD, but Albuquerque Police Department. Sounds like he is being picked on, or set up: his last arrest was when the cops found meth on him. He said the meth was not his, and he doesn’t know where it came from. I hate it when that happens.

Now, I'm not known for telling people how to get away with crime. But here's an exception: if you want to be an animal abuser, get the hell out of Texas! That's right, in a study of which state has the worst/fewest laws protecting beasts, Texas is nowhere near the bottom. Read the article to find out which state is the worst, but here's a clue: the fried chicken probably agrees.

"Honesty" is, or was, a wire-mesh sculpture by John Ilg in which 316 rolled-up dollar bills were stuffed into the mesh to spell out the word "Honesty." Surprise, surprise, it got stolen.

And, finally, from my own little island back east (waaaay east) we have a jumper (from a building, not a sweater), some clever cops, and a bouncy castle.

My last day at work until Christmas, I'll let you know if anything interesting happens. This time last Friday, my murder case from a few months ago took a bit of a hammering. Hopefully today won't be like last Friday....

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