Monday, January 31, 2011

January plea details

Okay, so here's the final tally for January. Read the disclaimers below for details (and obfuscation) but the bare bones tells us:

Total cases pled: 68
Probation: 32
Jail time: 36

So, playing with numbers a little bit, this means that (assuming the numbers stay about consistent for the year) the four ADAs in the 167th District Court will dispose of roughly 816 felony cases this year, by way of plea bargains.

I happen to think that number will prove to be lower than the actual, final tally, but it'll be interesting to see as we move along.

1. "Probation" includes regular probation and deferred adjudication. "Jail" includes anything from one day back-time, to life in the penitentiary. It's usually somewhere in between. :)
2. Note that these stats do no take into account probation revocation cases, i.e. where someone already on probation is accused of committing a further offense, and their probation is either continued or ends with a jail sentence. They also don't take into account cases from our court resolved on the "rocket docket" in the magistrate's court.]

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