Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why I love Texas

Where else would a couple of gentleman ride their horses into town looking for some evening's entertainment?

Won't see this in New York City or Los Angeles. No siree....

And here's the news story.


  1. You see stuff like this in Ft. Worth, rifing horses in town, that is.

    "That red thing..."
    "No, cranberry juice."

    This is funny!

  2. I agree....not from there, but there really is no place like Texas. One of a kind attitude and mentality and I kind of like it!

  3. Best bit: "The animals, whose names were not known, remained in Elgin on Tuesday."

    That's the great thing about large counties. I once took charges in Harris Co. for theft of hay.

  4. The APD buffoons initially charged this guy with DWI until some sentient being pointed out that there was no motor on the horse and refiled the charge as public intoxication.

    I could just imagine the PC affidavit..."The horse was weaving..."


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