Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A rendez-vous

I met a woman in a hotel room yesterday. At about noon, a place just off I-35.

I didn't know her well, we'd talked a couple of times on the phone and emailed maybe three or four times. Mostly to set up the meeting: which hotel, what day, what time. She had a nice voice and a cute name, but that's about all I knew of her. And you never can tell, right?

I wasn't nervous when I arrived, just wondered what it'd be like. Haven't really done this before. Well, once, with some big shot TV reporter in a music studio in east Austin, but this felt different. . . less planned and more spontaneous.

She met me in the hallway outside her room, friendly smile, firm handshake. Not awkward at all.

We went into the room and I saw that the blinds were closed already, and she'd even hung quilts on the back of the door for sound-proofing. What a pro!

And boy, did she have equipment. All over the place.

We chatted for a bit and then got down to business. It wasn't hard to get into the moment although I'll tell you, the guys holding the cameras put me off at first. Still, they quickly faded into the background, very professional and discreet. At least they didn't keep popping out to put make-up on me, like last time.

A couple of times we had to stop because kids were shouting in the hallway outside the room - very distracting for us all, I can tell you!

It took longer than I'd expected, and it was a little hot and stuffy in there. I guess it was those big lights-- you can't exactly do it in the dark now, can you?!

She offered to buy me pizza afterwards, which was kind of her. One of the guys went out to smoke.

I hope I was good. She said so, but then you never really know, do you?

I suppose we'll find out in the Fall, when the show about my cold case airs on the Discovery Channel.


  1. I know you are writing your great American novel, but you should consider comedy.

    That was funny.

    Seriously, this is exciting and be sure to remind us. Congrats!

  2. The mark of a good writer: you do know how to drag out the suspense, don't you?

  3. I was wondering where this was going to go... AWESOME. I can't wait to see the show!

  4. Kuba would kill me if I took credit for the quilt on the door! And you WERE good...I would never kid about such a thing.

    Ha, too are a witty man sir, a witty man.

    Thanks for taking a gamble on a nice voice and a cute name (wink).

  5. well-done. bravo. on the story AND the story.


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