Monday, June 6, 2011

Tough in Texas? You betcha.

You probably suspect, if you're not from Texas, that justice here can be harsh and immediate. Hangings, firing squads, cactus insertions and the like.

Pretty much.

And not just for cowboy branding and cattle rustling.

Like a voice from the grave, one sinner fumed at the punishment she received for being kicked out of a movie theater here in Austin. An awesome movie theater, by the way, where everyone is told in no uncertain fashion not to talk or text during the movies.

Anyway, she did and got the boot. And then called them back to complain about the severity of the punishment. I post this because it's amusing, because people who live with their noses buried in their texting devices annoy me (even when they are not doing anything wrong), and in support of Alamo Drafthouse (where I'm taking my little girl for a treat this coming Friday).

(Warning: some bad language in the video.)

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