Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day . . for now . . .

Yes indeed. Congratulations. Well done.

But don't think we're not coming back. In fact, I'm here already, plotting.

This blog?

It's the start. Oh, just the start. And you're so blind you can't even see it. A British prosecutor? Are you serious?? Who let that happen?

I'm already halfway up the ladder. Should I go for governor or the guy who fixes the elevators? Yes, you see I do know who holds the real power in this country. Governor indeed.

I do have nice hair though. Well, not nice so much as plenty of it. I cut it short, you see. Especially in the summer because, by golly, it gets hot here. So incredibly hot I can't believe it sometimes. I mean, I went for a run at 10am this morning and ended up walking. Yes, me, the perfect human specimen sent to take back America for Her Majesty, walking because it's too bloody hot.

Come to think of it, it's all yours. No way the milky-skinned Englanders could take a full summer of this insane heat. So keep it.

But. . . if you don't mind. . . I'll stay. I've grown rather fond of you all.

And I promise, no more sneaky take-over attempts.

Until the autumn. Fall. Whatever. When it rains and cools down.

So for now, as I said before,


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  1. Haha, love it! Say, DAC, what makes a Brit choose to qualify to practice in the US? And head to Texas for prosecution work? Have you explained that portion of your autobiography in this blog, and if so, could you link me? If not, would you consider writing about it?


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