Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My summer vacation

Remember that essay you had the write the first week back to school? Well, bloggers have to write one, too. It's a rule. But not an essay for me, I know your attention span wouldn't stretch to that. A list, instead.

What I learned this summer:
  1. People in Texas are very friendly. People in the north east are nice, sure, but only once you start talking to them. Up there eye contact and passing 'Hellos' didn't seem to exist so much.
  2. No matter how cold the water, give me a boogie board I will go into the ocean.
  3. My kids are incredibly well behaved. In comparison. On planes, especially.
  4. You can be bitten by a shark and live. I know. I was bitten by one. For real.
  5. Bed bugs prefer the taste of my wife to me. Good for me, not so much for her.
  6. There's nothing like sleeping in your own bed.
  7. When I go through customs at the airport, TSA officials spot my badge and whisper conspiratorially, "Are you armed?" (Never, "Do you have a gun?" "Are you carrying a weapon," "Are you packing heat?"). Weird.
  8. Having your toes nibbled by a baby sand shark counts as "being bitten by a shark" for blogging purposes.


  1. The answer to # 7 should be, "Yes. Two. A right one. And a left one." But don't call me when you get arrested!


    It sounds like you and your family had a wonderful, memory filled vacation.

  2. You got bit by a shark? I got scratched by a kitten. We should get together and compare wounds sometime, like that scene in Jaws.

  3. You really should have exaggerated the shark story. Maybe combined it with the being armed part. Possibly thrown in danger to the children, And an explosion! Plus, booze.

    I guess I need to go watch Jaws again. Will I ever tire of that movie?


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