Monday, August 8, 2011

A couple of things: in court and in your genes

First, I wanted to relay a snippet of conversation that I had in court with a defense lawyer. Sometimes, when our evidence is just too strong to really contradict, a defense lawyer will come up with an argument that is spur of the moment and patently impotent.

The question is whether or not the attorney recognizes the riducousnessosity of what he's saying. Usually we both have a good laugh, like we did today.

In this case, the lawyer read through the file and came to talk to me. He suggested a few mitigating factors, none of which amounted to much.

"I suppose you're pretty confident of proving your case at trial," he said.
"Well, the offense report does indicate the whole incident was caught on camera. Plus your client confessed. The report was pretty clear, I think."
He nodded, smiling awkwardly. "Yes. That is the way the words are arranged."

The words and the evidence, methinks.

Secondly, I had the honor of being interviewed for the blog of a fellow writer, on the subject of DNA. She's awesome, and I encourage you to pay her a visit. The interview is here. And she has some very cool photos she takes, too.

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  1. "That is the way the words are arranged."

    *chuckle snort chuckle*

    Heading over to read your interview now...


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