Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Now for some spin

I like to report on interesting things people say and do in court, so here's one from a recent plea.

The defendant was about to be sentenced by the judge, who was listening to defense counsel's plea for a shorter prison sentence. I can't repeat his exact words, but here's the gist:

"It's not that my client deserves a shorter prison term, but rather when he goes to prison (which he has done before) he becomes violent and fights. Therefore, to minimize the level of violence he subjects people to, he should get less time."

The attorney in question, let me add, had very little to work with and was offering this as a last resort, and somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Which is to say, he recognized the irony inherent in his argument, to his full credit.

And just so you know, and judging by the sentence, the judge did not find that line of reasoning to be particularly persuasive.

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