Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Say what?!?

My life at home is usually pretty separate from what goes on around me at work. You know, less heroin, fewer aggravated robberies, barely any check forging, and not so much with the driving around the cul-de-sac swigging bourbon.

But just as my court days are filled with nonsense jabbering (yesterday: "I didn't hit her, she must have stumbled into my fists") so are my commutes to school with 6-year-old twins. This morning:

Natalie, pointing to a man on a bicycle: "Gosh, he has weird ears."
Henry: "Maybe he's an elf."
Natalie: "More like an elf who lost his job."
Henry: "What if he lived in Africa?"
Natalie: "Then I think he's going the wrong way."

Also, can I get your help to solve a mystery? It has to do with Henry's homework, which came home yesterday with no instructions. And for all but the last part, even we could figure out what to do. But not the last problem . . .

1. 2 + 5 + 1 =
2. 9 - 4 =
3. 7 + 6 =

Saturday _________
Tuesday __________

So the answers are 8, 5, 13, and . . . ?


  1. I didn't major in math for a reason.

    I'm clueless. Can't wait to see the answer, though.

  2. Are you allowed to have giggle-fits at lines like those about fists?

    My guess is that the teacher is looking for the next days in the week, Sunday and Wednesday.

  3. My guess - Saturday is day 6 of the week, Tuesday is day 2.

  4. Great, thanks Mackie: now I'm not even understanding the answers...!

  5. The teacher is asking for the day that comes next....
    She is reinforcing sequence...developing a pattern. It's a pre-math skill popular in early childhood to assist our children on standardized tests. We can thank George for this one- though I doubt he would be able to figure out the answer.


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