Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bond . . . (but not James)

Interesting article by Steven Kreytak of the Statesman on the issue of those accused of crimes bonding out of jail.

A companion article here.

Be sure to read the comments, plenty of opinions shared.


  1. I, like some of the commenters in the linked articles, would like to see hard data on the number of offenders who skip, how many people who are out on personal bail commit other crimes and how much money is really saved by the county.

    Until I see the data, I remain skeptical of the process. Sorry, it is my nature

  2. Hmm, I only saw one comment posted.

    This is, I think, as it ought to be. Even as we lead the state in the issuance of personal bonds, I bet it is still the case that half or more of our county jail inmates are people who are awaiting trial, not people who have been convicted on the charge for which they were arrested.

    Locking people up is enormously expensive to taxpayers, and it exacts an enormous economic toll on inmates and their dependants (who as often as not become dependants of yours and mine). If we can be reasonably confident of their return to court, and if they do not pose a threat of harm to themselves or another, then there is no reason to keep them incarcerated while their case wiggles through the system.

  3. Ohh, I see. One comment posted on the main story, 32 comments about Charlie Baird.

    Have you ever worked in his court? Personally I love the guy, although I have NOT appeared in his court. Of course, all of us in the defense bar probably love Charlie Baird.

    I was shocked to read that Judge Kennedy has only signed 11 PR bonds. She signed one for me. :-)

  4. Capt. Schmoe: Didn't the article say something like 19 percent skip? Or am I remembering that wrongly? Quite possible... :)

    Don: I have never practiced in Judge Baird's court, no, though I do see him several times a week as his court is next to mine. A nicer, more polite man you couldn't hope to meet.


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