Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Assistant is in trial, lucky duck

My trusty Assistant is in trial today, starting yesterday, so won't be with us until, maybe, later in the week. He tells me it's a DWI trial so maybe we'll get lucky and he'll tell us a story when it's over.

I discovered a new blog this morning, called Affirmative Links. That's a law-related pun and so tells me the blog is run by geeks. In this case, they are defense geeks and one of them is my friend Jamie Spencer who has his own blog here. I'm not a real fan of anonymous blogging because it allows you to take pot shots, cheap shots, and tequila shots and then run and hide, the substance looks pretty good. Apart from taking a quote of mine out of context, but we're all friends and I promise to do the same to them in return. :)

If you're not a regular reader of Grits For Breakfast then you should start tuning in. I've been wanting to say something about the Mexican drug wars myself, but he has some thoughtful and surprising posts on the issue.

Interesting situation yesterday in my court: one of the ADA's negotiated a plea agreement on a case where the defendant assaulted a policeman. The plea deal was struck between her and the defense lawyer, who would go back and forth between the courtroom and the jail to convey the details to his client. (This is the usual way we do it, of course.) Once an agreement was reached, the defendant was brought out: a young white man with swastikas tattooed on his face, one over each eye. And when I say over, I mean the ink started at his hairline, came down over the eye and continued halfway down each cheek. We all just stared and my colleague mused aloud: "I wonder what the jury would have thought of that?" If only I was allowed to take pictures in court....

What else is going on? Well, I have a murder case that will be going to trial in a few weeks, and I'm meeting with the case detective today to tie up any loose ends. Should be an interesting trial, not least because the defense lawyer is something of a character. Not me, I'm as boring as toast...

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  1. Context shmontext.

    (And yes, I'm known for substantive stuff like that - I got plenty more where that came from...)


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