Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Writer's Blog

I don't think I have ever burned an entire blog entry recommending a specific blog. Well, hooray for today, because I'm doing it.

The blogger is William Landay, a former prosecutor and crime writer (sound familiar?!) from Boston. I will be posting an interview with him in due course, but wanted to share his blog because, well, it's just so darned cool. He writes about writing, his books, but also matters that will be of interest to my own readers: crime.

Here is the link. As you will see, it's both website and blog.

As you will also see, Mr. Landay has an obvious interest in the aesthetics of his site. Unlike me, who's blog is off the rack. Anyway, peruse his index, there's a ton of fascinating stuff there and the site itself is like a 1950's actress, easy on the eye without being In Your Face.


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  1. Thanks for linking, Mark. With the time I've put into that damn site, I could -- should! -- have written ten books by now.


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