Thursday, March 11, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, I posted an interview that I did with thriller writer David Lindsey. If you missed it, click here to learn about the man and his writing life.

At the time I didn't recommend one of his books, which I normally do on Thriller Thursday. I refrained for two reasons: 1. I hadn't finished the one I was reading, and 2. I wanted a second chance to plug his work (for those who still haven't read the interview, hint hint, he's not only an excellent writer, but a very nice man).

But here we are, two weeks later and I present to you MERCY. I won't say much more, just that I agree with all the accolades heaped upon this book. I will also add that my judge, Mike Lynch, just finished THE RULES OF SILENCE, which I plan to read next (though I found out today that his court coordinator and the bailiff are ahead of me in line to get the book).

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