Friday, April 9, 2010

The best in crazy criminal news, right here.

It's been a nice week, lots of work done in the office and it looks like Spring has sprung. So, in a lighter mood let's have a look at some of the funny criminal stuff going on.

First, and this might be obvious to you, if a cop is nice enough to offer you a ride home when your pal is arrested for DWI, wait until you get home to pop your malt.

Locally, a story about cheerleaders. I'm not totally shocked they'd pee in someone's soda (though it's not very original) but I am shocked they have a "Cheerleader Constitution." What does it say? "Thou shalt be peppy at all times." Maybe, "Thine pom-poms shall be given names and spoken to like children." I do love this country.

Here's a tip: when you play an April Fool's joke, please make it funny. Oh, and when it lands your son in jail, it ain't funny.

Talking of jokes, did San Luis Obispo really ban feeding ducks at the park? Really?? Why yes, they did.

Pet chicken escapes.
Policeman decides that dangerous chicken on the lam needs shooting.
Gets his fireman friend to do it.
With a bow and arrow.
Kebabs, anyone?

I wonder, if you can have inmates power their TVs by pedaling, can we power a whole prison that way?

And finally, a look back (and east) at Asia's ten dumbest criminals of the past ten years.

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