Monday, March 28, 2011

Debt and its attendant burdens

Many of you, faithful readers, are lawyers, and therefore many of you will be burdened by law school debt. My other, equally educated, readers no doubt have other forms of education debt.

To those of you living free from the shackles of the money-lenders: I salute you.

Now, I borrowed the money and I intend to pay it back. Slowly, yes, but I'll pay it back.

Okay, now that's all perfectly clear let me address those same money-lender: stop bloody calling me.

A polite request that I will repeat: Please, stop bloody calling me.

See, I was one day late making a payment. Less than that, actually, a few hours. And within hours they called me, asking me to pay up. So I did.

Since then, after I made the payment, they have called me sixteen times. After I made the payment.

So what I want to know is, if they know within hours that I haven't paid, how they hell can they not know for three days that I have paid?

I'll tell you what, it should be illegal.

Now, anyone want to lend me $150,000 so I can pay them off completely?

You'll get it back, I promise....


    But don't expect them to care about the law.

  2. Ohh, don't get me started on this subject. I made my last student loan payment two weeks before attending my 25th law school class reunion...after two lawsuits and one bankruptcy, and after getting a snootful of excrement from the jack-booted uppity self-righteous bar examiners in three states.

    I would like to have a few choice words at a secure undisclosed location with whoever it was who first decided that it would be the policy of the United States, and of each of the several states, that if you were late making a student loan payment, we would deny you a driver's license, a fishing license, a law license...we would make sure that you cannot rent an apartment or buy a home...we would make sure that you could not get any other form of credit, or go back to school to train for some livelihood that doesn't require a license...that we would jack up your interest rates and add penalties and fees to the payments you had already shown yourself incapable of making...that we would deny you a bankruptcy discharge unless you are in an irreversible vegetative state (and then only with the testimony of two board-certified physicians)...

    I don't know why they haven't just thrown you and me in the Big House, DAC. After all, isn't that where we belong? Scoundrels! Deadbeats! Ne'er-do-wells! Off with our heads!

    I spent the better part of twenty years walking on hot coals for those p!ssants. I feel your pain, brother.

  3. If my personal experience is an indicator: once you've been late ONCE -- even a few hours -- you will be called each and every month BEFORE your payment is due, reminding you of your obligations. That, despite a previously-spotless 10 year payment record. On the bright side, just think of all the call-center jobs! Barely literate ex-felons and junkies, paid to call you at inconvenient hours to instruct you regarding responsible citizenship.


  4. I'm pretty sure that even if it takes their system a couple days to update (which I can't understand with todays technology) they are only allowed to call you once in each 24 hour period, as long as they actually speak with you when they call. You should look it up in the FDCPA


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