Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Me? Paranoid?

So you will have noticed a silence from me for a few days. That's because I was off camping with the family. We went to Lake Whitney State Park, met up with some friends and the cousins. Six adults, nine kids, three boats, and a large lake full of fish.

Here's a picture I took last night:

The first night we about got blown away by the wind and soaked by the rain, but we survived. A roaring campfire kept us warm the second night.

As you can imagine, a huge amount of fun.

But I didn't post about it in advance because, well, I didn't want someone burgling my house. Is that silly? Paranoid? I mean, in this day and age it can't be that hard to find out where I live. Sure, I have a ferocious dog guarding the place, but even so.

I wonder whether it's my job that makes me extra cautious that way. Not a bad thing, I suppose.

And talking of the job influencing my thoughts, we were sitting lakeside just this morning when a yellow fixed-wing plane flew low over the water towards us, heading for the state park's small airstrip. The kids stopped skipping stones and craned their necks to stare. It was a cool sight, the blue sky, pretty water, and the small aircraft wobbling in the air towards a landing.

As the kids ooh-ed and aah-ed, I muttered to myself:

"Drug runner, I expect."

At least I was able to laugh at myself. It gave me an idea, too, for the beginning of my new book.


  1. Who is the ugly guy in the canoe? Welcome back.

  2. The famous and hideous Lake Troll, trying to steal my kids. :)

  3. Is this new book that you reference going to be a sequel to The Bookseller??

  4. Anon: Actually, no. That sequel is already written and in the hands of my agent. This one is a stand-alone, a little different. Still a crime novel, though, but written in the first-person and a little darker.


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