Monday, March 21, 2011

Me, myself, and I

One of my blogging colleagues (see, I still refuse to say "blawgging") picked me as the grand winner in an informal, unscientific, utterly pointless survey of criminal law blogs.

A survey of good looks, you might think.
No, not this time.

Actually, no.

Apparently, my blog contains the highest quotient of "I" and "me" of those he sampled. The damnable thing is, he's fa rmore intelligent than I am, so I can't challenge his numbers. But if you read the comments, you will see my explanation for why I was The Grand Winner.

Go. Go read the comments.

That's all.

Hey, it's Monday, what do YOU have to say?


  1. It's really all about what YOU have to say, is it not? Or did I miss the Me!Me!Me!-ness of your grand victory?

    I kid, I kid.

    Your comment on the other blog made me laugh!

  2. I don't care how many times you use I, me or my--you still have the best attorney blog! He's just jealous!

  3. Jennifer: glad to make you laugh. I was thinking, if I start referring to myself in the third person, I'd totally fool his next survey.

    Edith Ann: his id pretty darn good... but thanks, I agree. :)

  4. Referring to yourself in the third person, especially from a Brit, could come across as very pompous, too.

    I say go for it!

  5. Edith Ann:

    I am in fact very jealous of Mr. Confidential. He writes well, he covers a range of interesting and often humorous topics, and he's got a devoted, pleasant, and intelligent readership. He is also able to avoid much of the nastiness you sometimes see in the blogosphere. Too bad he is so ugly.

    He prefers to be called English, not British, but yes, Brits can sound pompous reading the label of a ketchup bottle.

    One of my highest honors as a fellow blogger was when I had his wife commenting on my site.


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