Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday round-up

Before I start with my usual round-up of the weekend's off-the-wall but crime-related news, a heads-up that I'll be in trial this week. I may post some about it later (for now I'll just insert a tease with this link) but I will be busy, though not too busy to post something every day this week.

So, on to the weird and wacky news....

We've all heard about the balloon boy, and the surrounding amateur (and maybe a few professional) shrinks deciding why the parents would do such a thing. Well, they aren't the first to want to live a different life. And some even get away with it, at least for a while. Here are some folks who fooled those around them to do what they wanted to do, and be whom they wanted to be.

And in more recent news, someone who didn't get away with it. Disabled? Absolutely... apart from the whole golf champion thing.

And if you can't be one, why not steal one? I'm talking about stealing a policeman, of course. The amazing thing is, I used to be a newspaper reporter in this town. And am not in the least surprised by this story.

Ooops. That's all.

While we're on the police officer thing, ours wear distinctive uniforms. And should never be confused with a waitress from Sonic, especially if you are driving while under the influence.

Here's a tough one: our law enforcement friends in LA were looking for a vandal who had been placing orange and black "Who Is John Scott?" stickers on buses. Well, they solved the case, and guess who dunnit?

And because the Smoking Gun deserves your traffic (and because it's relevant to my work here, and because you should start your Monday with a smile), enjoy these perp 'taches.

Oh, in case you want to start the day on a non-criminal note, but still wish to revel in the embarrassing mistakes of others, here are the 10 worst predictions of the last decade, according to Newsweek. I mean, wasn't it obvious the iPod would flop?!

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