Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some of my cases

Friends often ask me about the cases I'm handling. I have posted before about the overall make-up of my docket, the different types of felonies I prosecute and how many of each (very roughly!).

But I thought I would highlight a few of my cases which have made the news.

First, the two murder cases I have. They are very different, one is a "cold case," a homicide that took place in 1985, and the other is a recent one.

Next, an aggravated robbery case, which will likely go to trial in the New Year. A second story on this one.

Also, this case, which looks like it will be my second arson trial of the year. I didn't post about the first one yet, did I? I should do that. Anyway...

As I have mentioned previously, I handle my court's DWI and DWI-related cases. Which means that this intoxication manslaughter case is mine. As is this case.

The next case that I go to trial on is this murder case. Here is Austin Police Department's press release on the case. I'm second-chair, and we'll pick the jury this coming Monday; trial will last most of next week, I expect. Remember, it's an open courthouse so all comers are welcome.

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