Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Not your usual sketch artist

I have the greatest admiration for all artists, except those of the "con" variety. All I can do is write, so here's an ode to a prosecutor who is a gifted painter and sketch artist. Her name and a link to her site are at the bottom.

She sits in the courtroom, a smile on her face,
She watches proceedings in her own quiet space,
As lawyers and suspects and others pass through
She sits, quietly smiling, watching you.

Her weapon of choice isn't a gun or a knife,
And she's no trouble-maker, no bringer of strife.
No, she's there with her weapon to make permanent note,
To kidnap your look and the cut of your coat.

And if you sit there too long, if you don't move around,
She'll secure your profile with nary a sound,
Without one single word, and leaving no clue
She'll capture your likeness.
(Yes, she's captured mine too.)

Donna Crosby's site. Visit, peruse, enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice Mark. I will send you the sketches from last Friday later this evening. Thanks for the free publicity.


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