Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thriller Thursday

So this week I find myself in the middle of a crime novel that has captured my attention. Finally, after weeks of throwing mysteries and thrillers aside in disgust or boredom, I'm finishing one. Thank you Michael.


People have been recommending Michael Connelly's books to me for a while now. But for some reason I've shied away from the most famous authors in the genre, preferring to try new writers or older ones. But they are famous for a reason, and ECHO PARK by Michael Connelly is a great story, well told. His main character is interesting and the bad guy is a stone cold serial killer. Toss in some political machinations, and you have a cracking good read.


This is the book that fueled my interest in murder. In a healthy, positive way, I promise. Written by a prosecutor about one of the most famous killer of the century, Charlie Manson.

It is, of course, HELTER SKELTER by Vincent Bugliosi, and while not being a literary masterpiece it's a classic within the true crime genre for its insight into the court case, as well as the details of the crime itself. Great photos, too.

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  1. Now? You're just now getting around to reading Connelly? You know you have a lot of catching up to do. He's written a bunch of them. :)


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