Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Round-up

Don't steal from a nine-year-old girl, or this could happen to you. It's true, the sign says so.

From our friends at, always with the weird lists. In keeping with the nature of this blog, I should inform you that depending on your reasons for doing so, faking your own demise may be a crime.
But in case you're still thinking about it, here are a few clues on how not to do it.

And talking of throwing it all away, ticker tape is one thing but confidential documents being dropped onto winning sports teams? Ooops.

So you thought us Brits were all tea and politeness? Nope: check out Miss England, not the one who stepped down after a pub brawl, the other one: the soldier on combat duty. Mess with her if you dare.

Vanity - it's a sin for a reason. This clever fellow didn't like his mugshot when it appeared in the paper, so he sent in a better one. Now it'll be twice as easy to catch the fool.

Talking of catching fools, how about the car thief who was foiled by a 9-year-old?

And some people are so ridiculous, you don't even need a kid to nab you. Like the woman who went for a drive with with a half bottle of Jose Cuervo tequila by her side, and sliced limes on the console.

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  1. Makes me wonder about people. And gave me a laugh. (I really liked the "oops" that the Post wrote about with the non-shredded financial documents used as confetti for the ticker-tape parade.)


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