Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Q and A follow up: CSI pt. 2

Following yesterday's interview with Stacey Wells, faithful reader Bill said:

"Fascinating. Great info for my crime writing. Thanks for sharing this interview with us. Like all police work this individual obviously works hard and long stressful hours. Please pass on my thanks to him for letting us into his world." (Emphasis mine.)

In thanking Stacey Bill echoes all our sentiments, of course, and I am loathe to correct such a fine reader in a public forum but I know he won't mind (right, Bill?!), and Im sure he'd agree that the good women of APD need the recognition as much as the men.

So, this is Stacey (off-duty, but about to dust an ocean for fingerprints):

Relatedly, and more seriously, another writer asked an interesting question that I forgot to ask her: What do Crime Scene Specialists wear on the job?

Here is Stacey's response:

"I wear a police type uniform. It says Forensics on the patch instead of Police like the officers wear. The officers have blue uniform shirts but ours are gray. I also wear BDU pants with black work boots. I have a web-belt that I have my flashlight, pager, gloves, city issued OC (pepperspray), radio and a knife."

No picture of her, or any other APD CSS in uniform, but here is their patch:


  1. It was me, Steve, who posted the comment in this post, not Bill.

    Being the father of four daughters I always use stories involving intelligent and motivated women to pass on values to them. Main thing I stress is they can be anything they want to be. Stacy is a fine example of this.

    Steve (not Bill)

  2. Yikes - can I please BE a crime scene?! PLEASE!!


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