Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What crime gets what sentence? - Part IV

And finally we get to the big one, the first degree felony.

For previous installments, see state jail felonies right here, third degree right here, and second degree felonies here.

So, the punishment range for a first degree felony: life in prison or confinement of between five and 99 years, and an optional fine not to exceed $10,000.

Your first question, before we move on, is probably "Huh?" Am I right? You are wondering what's with the "99 years or life" thing, yes?

Can't really say, to be honest. One is a specific number the other isn't. Maybe I'll look into it and post a better explanation (as if that was an explanation at all!).

Let's move on to some of the crimes that will earn you a first degree felony:
  • Aggravated assault of a public servant

  • Aggravated kidnapping

  • Aggravated robbery (i.e. with a gun)

  • Aggravated sexual assault of a child

  • Attempted capital murder

  • Arson (of habitation or place of worship)

  • Bigamy (if the victim is under 16y.o--okay, don't see that one often!)

  • Murder

  • Tampering with electronic voting machine

  • Theft involving more than $200,000

  • Trafficking of persons (if under age 14, or death occurs)
You will see that a lot of first degrees are dependent on the offense being "aggravated." The definition of aggravated depends on the specific offense being committed but usually involves a deadly weapon being used or some other "aggravating" factor (age of victim, number of victims etc.).

Another question you may have: how much of a sentence will someone serve?

For that, I will ask you to check back soon. Very soon. It'll be interesting, I promise.

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  1. My interest is definitely piqued. I think I feel a post coming on, but I suppose I should wait for your answer first......


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